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About us

Our Story

Edavanna is a place where most of the businesses deal with timber and timber products. Being at the centre, Edavanna has got the privilege of nearby towns like Nilambur, Manjeri, Areakode, and Wandoor. Proprietor Mr. P.K. Musthafa, son of late Pathayakodan Kunjahammad Kutty Haji, started his career (Bajeena Timbers) with his father in 1977. Later on in 1988, Sabna Timbers was registered with a branch at Mooriyad, Kallai, Kozhikode. The competition reflected in Kallai market, delayed the payments. Mr. P.K Musthafa decided to shift his major business to Edavanna. In 1992, he took an effort to maintain a private yard (a Private timber depot registered under Divisional Forest Office Nilambur South Division) and that was the time, when the people of Edavanna lead the market with timber products. Sabna Timbers is an exclusive dealer of teak wood. We are permitted to deal with all other kinds of hardwood and softwood as they are registered under the authority of Kerala Government. They are ready to supply any timber on the basis of a confirmed purchase order from the Customer.

Parent Company (Bajeena Timbers, 1975-2006)

In 1960s, Mr. Pathayakodan Kunjahammad Kutty Haji and his brother Mr. P. Seethi Haji (Govt. Chief Whip in IXth Kerala Legislative Assembly) took initiation to timber industry as a Log Driver (moving sawn tree trunks from forest to the saw mill). In 1970, they entered into coup contracting and sale of timbers. In 1975, government divided the control of forest area into different Timber Sales Division and formed Timber Sales Depots. During that period Bajeena Timbers got registered under Kerala Forest Department for the advantage of sales of timber logs. In 1980 government restricted the coup contracting and leasing, and centralized the sale of timber only through the Government Timber Depot. During this period Mr. P. K Kunjahammad Kutty Haji extended the industry with the opening of Bajeena Saw Mill.

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P.K. Musthafa


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P.K. Mansoor

Managing Partner

    Preparations Before Purchase

  • Make an idea on timber classification.
  • Get details like year of plantation and area of belonging, which determines the age, strength and quality from the dealers.
  • Compare the price in the market. In local market, the price will be in CUBIC FEET, but the purchase and sale invoices will be in CUBIC METRE as per the instructions from Kerala Government ( 1 M3 = 35.315 CFT) .
  • Before billing, confirm the volume written in the PASS (Form III) issued by Kerala Forest Department. The forest department issuing the PASS to dealers contains details of purchaser, e-auction date, class, volume of the timber and the name of government timber depot except the price.

    We Provide You:

  • All of the above.
  • The tax invoice (FORM No: 8 for the sellers, FORM No: 8B for the private customer).
  • The delivery note for the transportation (FORM No:15 issued by Kerala Tax Department).
  • The pass (Form IV) if necessary, we are permitted to issue the pass (Form IV) as we are registered under Divisional Forest office Nilambur South Division.
  • We accept 'C' Form for the delivery in other states.
  • We also arrange transportation, loading & unloading, resizing (cutting) and sawing facilities.
Class Availability Stock
Export A Rare
I A Rare
II A Rare
III A Rare
IV A Rare
EXPORT B Expensive
I B Expensive
II B Expensive
III B Expensive
IV B Economic
EXPORT C Expensive
I C Expensive
II C Economic
III C Economic
IV C Economic
I D Defective
II D Defective
III D Defective
IV D Defective
I A Rare
I B Rare
I C Limited
I D Limited
II A Rare
II B Rare
II C Limited
II D Limited
III Economic
IV Economic
V Economic
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